Seeking Social and Economic Justice in Our Community

First Baptist’s Board of Outreach will be hosting a series of “Conversations” to which we have invited representatives of organizations
that are seeking to make our community a more just place for all of our people to live and work. These “Conversations will be
held during the Adult Education Hour from 9:30 to 10:30 AM on seven Sunday mornings beginning January 14 and ending February 25.
Invited speakers include:

  • Paul Soglin, Mayor of Madison
  • Michael Koval, Madison Police Chief
  • Ruben Anthony, President, Urban League of Greater Madison
  • Karen Menendez Coller, Executive Director, Centro Hispano
  • Linda Ketcham, Director, Madison Urban Ministry
  • Martha Cranley, Director of Strategic Collaboration, United Way of Dane County
  • Karla Thennes, Executive Director, Porchlight

We invite you to participate in these “Conversations” and invite your friends!