Church Staff

Let us introduce you to our church staff:

The Rev. Tim Schaefer, Pastor

Tim Schaefer has served as pastor of First Baptist Church since November 2020. Prior to relocating to Wisconsin, he served as Minister to Youth at Royal Lane Baptist Church in Dallas, TX, where he was ordained in early 2019. Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Boston University and a Master of Divinity degree, as well as, a degree certificate in Gender and Sexual Justice from Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University.

Tim and his husband, John Duncan, reside in Verona with their two rescue dogs, Dolce and Makea. In their free time, they enjoy baking, reading, and traveling together.

Rev. Tim Schaefer

Ji Hyun (Jenny) Yim, Accompanist and Interim Music Director

A native from Busan, Korea, Ji-Hyun (Jenny) Yim developed a love and passion for music at a young age, which led and continues to lead her through a multitude of challenges, achievements, and accolades. Ms. Yim began her journey as a classical pianist, received a Bachelors degree from Boulder’s College of Music at the University of Colorado under Anne Epperson, then a Master’s degree from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington. Her interests quickly shifted from piano to conducting after witnessing a conductor lead the orchestra while performing on the piano. Along with her interests, her studies shifted towards conducting, which motivated her pursuit of a Masters degree in Orchestral Conducting from the University of North Texas under the advising of David Itkin.

Along with her studies, Ms. Yim has also successfully maintained an active musical career as both a pianist and a conductor. Ms. Yim was recently appointed as the Music Director for Medical Orchestra of University of Wisconsin, started her Doctoral of Music degree in Orchestral Conducting from University of Wisconsin-Madison under the tutelage of Maestro Hutchinson, and serving as an Assistant Conductor for the University Symphony Orchestra and the University Opera. Ms. Yim believes that musical talents can change one’s life and fill it with joy; believing that music is a universal language, she expresses her feelings without verbal communication.

Ji Hyun (Jenny) Yim

Matt DeBlass,  Musician

Matt DeBlass

Kelsey Miles,  Musician

Kelsey Miles

Ann Nelson, Handbell Choir Director

Ann is the Handbell Director at First Baptist Church.  As the director, she expects the members to be inspired and devoted to making beautiful music for the glory of God, and God’s people.  Her background includes a Bachelor of Music Ed. from the Univ.of Wisconsin  Madison,and graduate studies at Edgewood College, Vandercook School of Music, and countless other classes and workshops.  She taught elementary music for five years in Monroe, and Lodi respectively.  She was the Children’s Choir director at First Baptist for 25 years.  Ann taught at Edgewood High School for many years, teaching Choirs, Piano Classes and Handbell Choirs. Ann is a member of the Edgewood High School Fine Arts Hall of Fame.

Ann Nelson

Ann Nelson

Blanca Salazar James, Administrative Secretary

Blanca Salazar James

Nancy Moore, Bookkeeper

Nancy has been the church bookkeeper since mid-2011.  Before that, she was treasurer of the First Baptist Church of White Plains, NY, from the mid-1990s thru June 2009, financial secretary there for most of the time from 1975 thru June 2009, and treasurer of the church’s Child Care Center from 1981 to 1991 (its entire existence).  She retired from Verizon in 2002, where she worked on the billing system for New York Telephone.  She sponsors five children around the world through ChildFund International; her hobbies include birdwatching, stamp collecting, and genealogy.

Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore