Hourglass Bible Study

The Life of David – Sundays, January 3 – May 16, 4:30-5:30 PM

From shepherd to King, the life of David is filled with stories of adventure, misadventure, devotion to God and the people of Judah, heroism and selfishness. Starting on January 3, the Hourglass Bible Study will explore the Old Testament books of Samuel, Chronicles, and Kings to read and discuss those stories. In so doing, we hope to learn more about how God has worked with leaders who had high aspirations, but very human frailties. We will use the Bible stories as primary source material, but class members may choose to follow their interests and questions to dig into other literature (e.g., archaeology, anthropology, theology) if they so desire. We will even discuss what is not known about the historical David, which turns out to be quite a lot. You are welcome to join in the Zoom sessions whether you just want to read the Biblical stories or do a little more outside reading on your own, listen to the discussion or actively participate.

The structure of the one-hour class, as in the past, will begin with a discussion of the previous week’s readings and the group’s initial reading of the current week’s passage. That will be followed by period of quiet reflection, sharing of our reflections and questions, and a discussion of what we want to explore in the upcoming week. Then, in the following class, we will share what we learned.

Hourglass Bible Study Structure

Here is a link that shows you multiple interpretations of any given scripture verse: https://biblehub.com/commentaries/


House of David Reference Tel-Dan stele David and Goliath inconsistencies
Reading Schedule_v2 Background on Edomites Notes on Kirbet Qiabafa
Samuel and Kings Medium of Endor Why Saul was buried at Jabesh
Maps of Saul’s Last Battle Archaeological evidence of Saul Ancient clothing -1
Ancient clothing – 2

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