FBC-Madison Racial Justice Resources


Resources recommended by various speakers, church members, and more on the topic of Racial Justice.


Resources recommended by Dr. Christy Clark-Pujara, in relation to her January 10th, 2021 talk, Complicity in the Making of Race-Based Slavery

The War against Proslavery Religion : Abolitionism and the northern churches, 1830-1865 by John R. McKivigan

Slavery and Sin : The fight against slavery and the rise of liberal Protestantism by Molly Oshatz

Religion and the Antebellum Debate Over Slavery edited by John R. McKivigan & Mitchell Snay

Race and religion in early nineteenth century America, 1800-1850 : Constitution, conscience, and Calvinist compromise by Joseph Washington Jr

Theology and slavery : Charles Hodge and Horace Bushnell by David Torbett

The American Churches, the Bulwarks of American Slavery by James Birney (from the 19th century, but good)

Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery and the Trouble History of America’s Universities by Craig Werner (He argues that churches along with the state and universities were central to the bolstering of the American Slavery).