Hourglass Bible Study

Curious about the Bible but unable to commit to study on your own? If so, the Hourglass Bible study may be just right for you. No reading is required before the class; instead, we read the scripture together one week and share our reflections on that passage the next week. It’s an opportunity to work scripture into your everyday life and to benefit from the varied and honest reactions of others in the class.


Current Topic

This summer we are reading Book 1 of Psalms, reflecting on the Psalms, historical significance, and its meaning for us today. 


Reading Schedule

June 9: Psalms 1-6 led by Mary
June 16: Psalms 7-10 led by Warren
June 23: Psalms 11-16 led by Mary
June 30: Psalms 17-18 led by Mary

July 7: Psalms 19-21 led by Lynette
Jul 14: Psalms 22-24 led by Warren
July 21: Psalms 25-27 led by Dennis
July 28: Psalms 28-30 led by Jane

August 4: Psalms 31-33 led by Mary
August 11: Psalms 34-35 led by Mary
August 18: Psalms 36-37 led by Mary
August 25: Psalms 38-39 led by Mary

September 8: Psalms 40-41 led by Mary


Study Guide

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