Study of Exodus

Study of Exodus  – Sundays, July 12 thru Sept. 27,  at 4:30 p.m. on Zoom.

After reading the story of Joseph in the spring of 2020, our class decided that we really wanted to see how the story of Joseph led to the story of Exodus. Because Exodus is a long book and filled with traditions and stories central to two faiths, however, we are focusing on the story only through the receiving of the commandments. As we read these stories, we will focus first on looking carefully at the scriptures to see what they say to each of us today. But we will also consider the historical and cultural contexts in which they were first developed, relevant scholarship on the authorship and time when they were put in writing, and the various uses religions have made of these scriptures over time. Through open and tolerant conversation, we will not seek uniform answers but rather greater personal understanding of the scriptures and explore ways influences our personal faiths.

The structure of the one-hour class, as in the past, will begin with a discussion of the previous week’s readings and the group’s initial reading of the current week’s passage. That will be followed by period of quiet reflection, sharing of our reflections and questions, and a discussion of what we want to explore in the upcoming week. Then, in the following class, we will share what we learned.


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