Making America (and Madison and Wisconsin) Great!

Our recent national election focused attention on “Making America Great.”  Perhaps we might have a useful conversation across the great divides in our society about who do not find life in our communities “Great!” – or even very good – why that is and what can be done to at least make their lives better.

Your Board of Outreach is sponsoring three “conversations” on this subject during the three Sunday mornings at the 9:30- 10:30 adult education time in Room 306. We have invited representatives of three organizations that are effective advocates for members of our community whose lives are not that “Great!”.

Sunday, April 23: David Liners, Executive Director of Wisdom, the statewide coalition of churches that advocates to improve our criminal justice system, will be joined by Frank Davis from Wisdom’s Madison Chapter – “Moses.”  Geneva Moore represents First Baptist who is a recent member of Moses.

Sunday, April 30:   Ken Taylor, Director of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, will tell us about how his organization advocates for disadvantaged children and families in our community and state.

Sunday, May 7: Linda Ketcham, Director of Madison Urban Ministry) will discuss how MUM advocates for a better life for those in our community for whom life is anything but “Great!”

Please join us to learn what these organizations are doing and how First Baptist and you can be part of their efforts to make life in our community if not “Great!” at least better!