Over the past year, the events of the world have clarified – yet again – the violence of our society’s racist systems. The effects of this oppression cannot be ignored when considering the systemic injustices of homelessness, and the trauma that tends to precede and follow it. Susan and Anna Donahoe, a mother-daughter team, started Catalyst Project to invite a community of mutual support for single mother families and their young children who are experiencing homelessness. This community, based on the inherent dignity of all members, seeks to meet mothers in a way that reflects and upholds the mother’s wisdom and choice. Susan explains that to invite a community means that “We alone cannot form a community. That can only be done through mutual relationship. Anna and I are not providing answers, leading or creating this space ourselves.”

Catalyst Project is founded upon the belief that creating a society that equitably serves all of its people requires the wisdom of those grossly mistreated by our society. Anna states that “Catalyst Project is about more than addressing homelessness and early brain development. We have come to find that at its core, Catalyst Project is about the process of mutual healing through relationship.”

Susan and Anna Donahoe, Catalyst Project founders

Join us for this program in which Susan and Anna share the story of Catalyst and how the journey has unfolded.

Participation via Zoom and Facebook

This program will be conducted using Zoom with a Facebook Live stream on the First Baptist Church Facebook page. Coordinates for connecting to the Zoom session will be provided after you register. Q&A will be encouraged.


Program Co-Hosts

First Baptist Church – Madison ( A progressive church with a Christian fellowship joining together in the work of God in the world, seeking social justice, and striving to live as witnesses to God’s love.

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice ( The mission of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice is to draw on the wisdom, courage, and strength of our various faith traditions to advance the common good. As progressive people of faith committed to crossing religious boundaries, we uphold the dignity of all human beings. Through advocacy, education, and partnership, we lift the voices of those who are underserved.